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Insurance for Tomorrow

Many Insurance companies are now offering optional coverages like:

Water back up and sump overflow

Equipment Breakdown

Service Line Coverage

Identity Protection

Depending on the age and condition of your home as well as your personal situation, these can provide a cost-effective protection.

Recently, you may have heard the term "hard" insurance market? This Is why renewal premiums have increased. A hard insurance market is a situation where the demand for insurance coverage is high, but the supply of insurance capacity is low. This means that insurance premiums increase, coverage terms become more restrictive, and insurers become more selective in underwriting risks. A hard market can be caused by various factors, such as natural disasters, high claims costs, low investment returns, and regulatory changes.

Insurer spotlight this month is on Alamance Farmers Mutual. (AFM) has been protecting North Carolinians since 1892 providing homeowners, rural homeowners and renters insurance. They offer very competitive rates for those with no recent loss history and were voted as one of America's Best Insurance Companies by Forbes for 2023.

Which famous actor pays for his own stuntmen’s medical bills because no insurance company will underwrite his productions?

  • A) Tom Cruise

  • B) Jackie Chan

  • C) Dwayne Johnson

  • D) Jason Statham

Answer is B. Call 864-541-1992 or email if we can provide you with quotes for your home and or auto insurance.

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