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Insurer Spotlight- Alamance Farmers Mutual-homeowner's insurance

Alamance Farmers Mutual (AFM) has been providing first class coverage to North Carolinians since 1892. AFM is a Mutual Insurance Company focusing on serving its Policyholders and Agents with excellence

Typical Homeowner's Insurance guidelines for AFM are:

Homes valued between $250,000- $800,000

Good to Excellent credit for the applicant with no recent loss history

Newer homes and/or homes 20-40 years old with updated roofs.

In addition to the standard coverages, AFM offers policyholders the option of adding the following endorsements at very reasonable pricing:

Cyber or Identity Theft protects against cyber-attack, extortion, fraud and identity recovery.

Equipment Breakdown coverage is for a sudden and accidental mechanical breakdown or bursting, cracking or splitting of covered home equipment.

Service Line coverage will cover line breakdown resulting from environmental effects, external forces and conditions within the line.

Flood Insurance Endorsement provides limited inland flood coverage for your home, certain other structures, personal property and more.

NC Home insurance
Alamance Farmers Mutual

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