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Business Insurance Simplified

Business insurance is essential for protecting your company and its assets. It helps mitigate risks related to property damage, injuries, lawsuits, and other claims that may arise from your business operations. Here are some key points to consider when shopping for business insurance:

  1. Types of Coverage:

  1. How to get the coverage you need:

  • Contact your local Independent Insurance Agent with your business name, legal structure, start date, description of the business, annual revenue and if you are looking for Workers Compensation, estimated annual payroll and # of employees.

  • Retailers, Restaurants, Food Trucks, Service Providers, Contractors and many other trades can be quoted within minutes. Restricted trades like Welding, working with hazardous materials or other higher risk businesses can be insured but may take a day or two to find coverage.

  • Business Vehicle Insurance: requires VIN's and drivers licenses for all vehicles and drivers as well as what type of activity they will be conducting, and the radius traveled.

Go the to learn more and you can get your own quotes from links on our commercial insurance page. Call 704-288-8286 or email

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